Austin McFarland 

O: 806.722.1206
C: 972.220.4899 

Born in Houston, TX the land of Rockets, astronauts, and Texans this dynamo learned to dash from an early age on the court, field, and global landscape. A lifelong sports enthusiast with a passion to play, watch, and coach he is a natural born competitor that loves to win. Growing up in the rolling hills of Chappell Hill a couple of scoops away from the home of Blue Bell i.e., Brenham he developed a strong work ethic raising animals to show in the county fair, planting and tending gardens, building greenhouses, cleaning pools, mowing pastures, and exterminating varmints attacking livestock to name a few. After this valuable learning experience in the country during his formative years he returned to Houston to play baseball and start his college adventure at Sam Houston State where he became the Student of the Year as a freshman.

No stranger to change he soon embarked on an unconventional educational route based on convictions regarding worldview, accountability, and financial responsibility. The journey came to a conventional close as he earned his Bachelors degree from Thomas Edison University. His undergraduate journey allowed him to experience several different learning methods and settings that molded him into the professional he is today. His diverse work history in a variety of industries from logistics coordination for a motherboard manufacturer to materials management for a specialties construction gave him an opportunity to interact with several cultures and personalities to better understand how to treat customers, vendors, co-workers, supervisors and competitors. Beyond the promotions, pay raises, and individual awards for excellence the relationships created during the last decade of his career were worth all the troubles encountered along the way.

These professional battles prepared him to take on the new challenge that is commercial real estate as he continues to grow in his knowledge and confidence in real estate development, construction, and property management here in Lubbock and the West Texas Region. Outside of the office his faith, family, and friends provide the motivation to keep fighting for God’s kingdom in this lost world. He also enjoys traveling for mission trips, photography, world history, target practice, basketball, soccer, volunteering for non-profit organizations i.e., Parkridge and spontaneous dates with ambitious young women.