Grant Gafford

O: 806.722.1202
C: 806.790.1692

Grant is blessed to have been born and raised in a family that instilled in him a strong work ethic from an early age. Consequently, Grant became a jack of all trades during his formative years and established strategic partnerships through his challenging occupations and steady tenacity to earn his own breaks. Moreover, as he continued to mature his desire to pursue personal education and professional opportunities grew with each investment success.

 Before taking a full-scale entrepreneurial leap, Grant attended Texas Tech for a couple years to test the higher-education waters. However, the call of the ocean that is residential real estate and the retail/restaurant industry was too strong to ignore. Subsequently, Chef Express, Lubbock’s first restaurant meal delivery service and Grant’s first business came to life and officially laying the foundation for explosive growth. In fact, Grant utilized this re-birth to acquire acquisition, leasing, disposition, and management skills in this service-oriented company that he credits for refining his aptitude for business paving the way to profitability in his plethora of ventures. In less than four years Grant acquired, leased, and sold 20 properties.

As a result, Grant decided to go all in on the retail industry selling Chef Express and starting Battery Joe with his father Dan in 2005. Over the past decade and change Battery Joe has become the leading West Texas retailer of all types of batteries with six different locations. In effect, Grant developed a keen understanding of the importance of the right location for a business to succeed to its fullest potential.

In 2011, following a familiar life theme Grant discovered his life passion through the significant challenge of developing his own retail store location. Essentially, after his passionate discovery of commercial real estate he has developed retail properties several West Texas markets by storm (Amarillo, Lubbock, and Midland.)

Fast forward three years later to 2014 and Grant made another pivotal discovery this time he found his business partner Brady Collier. Collectively, through assimilating their unique experiences, diverse backgrounds, and industry expertise they decided to create a commercial real estate company called Wheelhouse Development. This new commercial real estate business primarily focuses on developing properties throughout the West Texas region.

As the adage goes behind every good man is a great woman the same is true for Grant away from the office he is married to the love of his life his wife Jordan. They are blessed with three smart and beautiful children who keep them on their toes 24/7. Grant is a people person who has developed strong relationships with several close friends over the years. At the end of day, Grant’s life ambition is to simply be an ordinary guy that accomplishes extraordinary things by maximizing every opportunity he is given in this life.